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My name’s Jo and I’m here to provide a fast, friendly, and completely free service to help you get the most from sharing your true story with newspapers and magazines.

If anything has ever happened to you that has made a friend stop what they’re doing and listen with intrigue – the chances are it’s the kind of experience a magazine or newspaper would love to feature. Or maybe you’ve read a feature in a magazine and thought: that could be me?

Some people are not sure if their experience is interesting enough to warrant a feature, the best test is to tell a friend and see what their reaction is. If you’re still not sure then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I believe everyone has a story to share and it may not even be the experience you call about that we end up working on. Often people don’t even realise when they’re sitting on an amazing story!

Send me YOUR story and….

Make money for yourself or a charity;
Get publicity or raise awareness;
Appear in your favourite magazine.

I sell stories to all of the top national magazines & newspapers, including: That’s Life, Take a Break , Love It, Bella, Best, Chat, News of the World and Fabulous Magazine, Closer, Pick Me Up, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Express, The Sun, and so on…

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