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Date: June, 2013

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It should have been the trip of a lifetime; Sophie’s Dad had surprised her with a holiday to New York to celebrate her milestone 21st birthday.

But within hours of touching down on American soil, the young mum had to make a frantic dash back to the UK after learning her daughter Roxie had been involved in a tragic accident.

It was the first time Sophie had ever left the toddler for more than one night.

Her boyfriend, Ben Raferty, had offered to care for Roxie the first night she was away so the pair could bond.

He claimed the 23-month-old had fallen down the stairs to sustain her life-threatening injuries.

After taking the brave decision to turn off her only child’s life support machines, there was further heartbreak for Sophie when she learned Roxie’s death was no accident – she had been beaten to death by Raferty.

The brute has now been convicted of Roxie’s murder and jailed for life with a minimum term of 18 years in prison, and Dophie has set up a charity in her daughter’s memory to support children who have been bereaved:

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