Published by: The Sun (The Sunday Woman)
Date: 22 July, 2012


FEMALE bodybuilders are stealing the headlines in the sport that has always been a male-dominated hobby.

Celebrity competitors Jodie Marsh and model Emma B, with their bulging triceps and washboard stomachs, have inspired women from all walks of life to take up weight training.

It’€™s a look that has brought mixed reactions ‘€“ Emma B revealed she ‘€œcried for hours’€ after members of the public slated her ripped physique saying she looked ‘€œold’€ and ‘€œlike a drag queen’€.

But Jodie has no reservations. She says: ‘€œI’€™m addicted to it.

‘€œOnce you have been at your physical best, it’€™s hard not to be.’€

Johanna spoke to women bitten by the bodybuilding bug.

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