Published by: Full House
Date: July, 2012

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  • When tot Emma was struck down with cancer aged just four, it was her tiny twin Amber who stepped in to help nurse her back to health.
  • Emma’€™s Wilms tumour had already spread to her lungs and the youngster needed grueling chemotherapy straight away.
  • The treatment made her ill, but Amber leapt to her aid, -fetching her things, rubbing her sore head, encouraging her to eat and running to alert their parents if Emma struggled during the night.
  • Amber put herself at her sister’€™s beck and call ‘€“ even announcing she was willing to be her slave until she was better.
  • When Emma’€™s hair fell out, Amber helped her collect it up, and watched in awe as she was fitted with the Jessie J-style wig she had requested, so she could look like their idol.
  • In September, surgeons spent six hours removing Emma’€™s tumour, which had wrapped itself around her main artery and her stomach.
  • The tot has since undergone radiotherapy and further chemotherapy sessions. Her treatment is due to end in April ‘€“ by which time Amber has made it clear she will be giving up her nursing role!

Mum Marie laughs: ‘€˜Amber slipped into caring-mode as soon as she saw Emma was ill, and Emma wants for nothing when she’€™s having a bad day.

‘€˜But as soon as she brightens up Amber switches back and goes into true sister role, telling her to fetch things herself.

‘€˜It’€™s very sweet watching her mother her twin when she’€™s ill, but she certainly won’€™t let her get away with special treatment once she’€™s better!’€™

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