Published by: The Sun (Me)
Date: 31 January, 2013


More men are ‘going through the change’ and being treated for the MANopause ‘ or andropause as Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome is more commonly known.

Dr Malcolm Carruthers says one of the first things to go is a sufferer’s ‘morning glory’.

He champions replacement of the hormone and while this has got patients lining up to thank him for revitalising their sex drives, the same cannot be said for their partners.

A study claims a third of women see sex with their husband as a CHORE.

Dr Carruthers practises at the Harley Street Centre for Men’s Health, where patients pay £175 for a blood test and £500 for an hour’s consultation before treatment. They can be referred back to their NHS GP.

He says: ‘We sometimes do create a problem treating the male but generally the response is: ‘I’m happy I’ve got my old man back.’

Some men on the treatment are experiencing the same kind of sexual peak in their 60s they had at half that age.

Jo spoke to three whose lives have been transformed.


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