Published by: Full House
Date: August, 2012

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Emily lost eight stone with a gastric bypass to have the family she longed for. But the mother-of-three has been left looking like a ‘€˜deflated balloon’€™, with unsightly facial hair which has left her reluctant to leave the house’€¦

  • Emily struggled with her weight from a young age ‘€“ at 11-years-old she tipped the scales at 11-stone and continued gaining a stone a year. Her self-confidence wasn’€™t helped by the fact she grew facial hair.
  • After suffering a miscarriage aged 19, she was desperate to start a family ‘€“ but doctors said her weight held her back. They also said being overweight was causing her facial hair.
  • Finally, weighing 28-stone, she had a gastric bypass. After shedding eight-stone in eight months she fell pregnant.
  • After giving birth to Alfie, four, Emily’€™s weight loss stopped ‘€“ but she was so happy to be a Mum she didn’€™t care. Her and hubby Simon desperately started trying for another baby ‘€“ after two more miscarriages they welcomed Logan, one.
  • Just 11-months later, in January this year, Joseph completed their family.
  • Emily is now desperate to lose more weight so she can have her excess skin removed ‘€“ which she says has left her looking like a ‘€˜deflated balloon’€™. She also hopes it will stop her beard growing so she no longer has to shave every day.
  • But the pregnancies have stretched her stomach so she can eat normally again and has put on two-stone. She’€™s been refused corrective surgery.
  • She has to put creams and talc under her overhanging belly in the summer to try and stop the smell and infections, and she can’€™t run around with her sons because of the ‘€˜slap, slap’€™ noise the skin makes.

‘€˜I did all this so I could have the family I longed for, so it seems cruel that now I have them I can’€™t do anything with them,’€™ says Emily.

‘€˜I tell my sons they’€™re special little boys to have a Mummy with a beard and not many are that lucky, but in reality it cuts me to pieces as it stops me doing things with them.

‘€˜I only really go out to take Alfie to playgroup or if I have to, as I can’€™t stand people staring, and the excess skin rubbing is so painful.

‘€˜’€™I’€™m desperate to lose weight, have the skin removed and get rid of my beard so I can live a normal life.’€™

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