Published by: That’s Life!
Date: 2013


Amanda told That’s Life magazine about her revitalized sex life following her hubby’s impressive weight loss.

After years of only being able to manage the missionary position due to her Lloyd’s 33 stone bulk, Amanda felt like she was sleeping with a new man when he shed half his weight and became a sex god between the sheets.

Lloyd’s weight had crept up when he opened a restaurant with his family and late night kebabs and burgers became the norm.

The couple both piled on weight and their sex life dwindled.

Amanda says: ‘Trying to make love while our bellies flopped about in the way became more of a chore than a pleasure.

‘There are positions you just can’t do when you’re both heavy: and by this time I was a porky 15 stone.’

It got to the point where they could only manage the missionary position and sex was more like a military operation.

Finally, Lloyd decided it was time for drastic action.

His parents agreed to pay him to have a gastric bypass.

The change in him was immediate.

He had a spark back behind his eyes – and his confidence came back with a vengeance.

In no time at all the weight started dropping off.

And as his body shrunk, his libido grew – he became an animal between the sheets!

Amanda says: ‘I couldn’t believe this renewed energy he had – and missionary was out the window. We could do whatever position we wanted now!

‘The first time I went on top again I had a whale of a time – I’d forgotten how good it was to make love like that.’

Eating the same things as Lloyd saw Amanda lose weight too.

She adds: ‘Lloyd now weighs 16 stone – he’s shed half his body weight in a year – but he’s definitely still all man.’


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