How much you could earn!

As an independent writer I’m not tied to a particular magazine or newspaper which means I can get you the best possible deal.

As a basic ball-park figure you can expect anything from £50 to £2,000 to appear as a case study. Truthfully it all depends on which publication is interested, how big they want to use your story, what their budget is like at the time and if they want to bid against anyone else to run your feature.

So I can’t promise a set fee until I’ve spoken to you and have your permission to pitch the feature to my contacts. But I will only place your story once you have agreed to all aspects of the deal that I find for you: if you’re not happy then you’re not obliged to accept the offer.

In addition, there’s often scope for placing your story in more than one publication; for example a national newspaper as well as a women’s magazine’; maybe even a TV programme. If that’s the case then I’ll make it happen, helping you get the exposure or money you rightly deserve.

If your story ends up attracting a great deal of media attention then I will help you deal with it all.

Most importantly, I don’t take any cut or commission from your story: my service is entirely free. I am paid a separate finders fee, which is why I’m constantly on the lookout for stories.

How you will be paid

I normally pay via direct bank transfer (BACS payment), but I can pay you via cheque or even using cash in exceptional circumstances. Payment is usually processed upon publication of your story, which normally takes six weeks depending on the publisher.
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